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Your Story Amplified™ 
Interview Program with Steven Melnik.

At the end of the day, when making a decision on whether or not to engage into a business (or personal) relationship with you (whether its consumers, investors, partners, employees, or friends) everyone is looking for the same thing - a relationship, not just a transaction. To this end, in addition to highlighting various key elements of your business, we create a unique content based on your life story. We help you bring out and highlight your personal approaches to business and personal matters that brought you success, discuss struggles you overcame and share with the audience personal and professional lessons you have learned that have shaped the unique person that you are. Our audience will inevitably benefit from these lessons as well.

Entertaining and educational at the same time, Steven Melnik’s interview programs build interest and assist in creation of trust, authority, and emotional connection with the audience.
Mr. Melnik’s interviews are very well respected and are distributed to over 50 million people by various committed content distributors through On-Demand Digital Device Streaming via Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire, OperaTV; as well as through On-Demand and Broadcast Travel Distribution Destinations in Top 50 Airports in USA, 900,000 Luxury Hotel Rooms and Delta Airlines in flight programming.
Interviews will also be featured in numerous social media outlets (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.) as well as other media outlets.

The podcast version of Mr. Melnik’s interview programs are aired through Apple Podcasts (iTunes),Google Podcasts (google play), Spotify, Breaker, Castbox, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Stitcher as well as other channels.

In addition, you will have at your disposal a very powerful marketing centerpiece (a link to a video of your interview program) created in the company of Mr. Melnik, one of the top credentialed people in the world. You will be able to easily and quickly refer everyone you meet to this program, so they get to know the real person behind your business card, title, bio, usual soundbite videos, or other ordinary and typical promotional material utilized by everyone else. You and your undertakings will stand out!

As such, in addition to your undertakings, we showcase the amazing you, as this is what really drives and will drive the successes of your current and future endeavors! Depending on your goals, Happiness Amplified™ with Steven Melnik’s Interview Program inevitably assists in attracting investors, donors, partners, multiplying prospects, acquiring clients, as well as creating lifelong customers, followers, fans and last, but not least, friends.

Join a great company of Mr. Melnik's interview guests that range from city, state, and federal elected officials; leaders of the world's premier business, governmental and nonprofit organizations; to a president of a country.

Don’t miss another day of this life changing opportunity. Email us ( or let’s jump on a quick call ( 800.477.0675 ) today!


Mr. Melnik a licensed attorney, a CPA and possesses post-doctorate degree in law from the New York University School of Law - LLM in Taxation.

Mr. Melnik is one of the founders of the Dream Lives™ Non-Profit Organization and is currently serving as a chairman of the Organization's board of directors.

Mr. Melnik began his professional career on Wall Street, in one of the world's largest consulting and accounting firms, where he had a uniquely successful career. Subsequently he built a very accomplished national professional services organization. However, Mr. Melnik had found his true calling in teaching and philanthropy. He decided to dedicate his life to empowering people through education and service, and entered into the academic and nonprofit worlds.

Mr. Melnik is a tenured professor, Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Tax programs, and for many years served as a Chairman and Moderator of the Continuing Education Programs for professionals such as Financial Advisors, Attorneys, CPAs, and other Tax Professionals - all under City University of New York.
Most recently, Mr. Melnik was honored to be appointed to the Personal Financial Planning Executive Committee of the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) with over half a million accounting, tax and financial planning members - an entity that regulates, educates and facilitates strategic development of the financial, accounting, and tax industry and it's professionals throughout the country. Mr. Melnik has the honor of being the only academic-practitioner on this important and high profile national committee.

Mr. Melnik is the nation's leading expert and educator on topics of Comprehensive Life Planning which encompasses interconnected areas of Financial, Retirement, Asset Protection, Elder Law/Long-Term Care /Medicaid, Emergency as well as related Estate and Tax Planning.

As a designer of the Comprehensive Self-Help Life Planning Strategies™, Mr. Melnik has made numerous appearances on major national news networks such as NBC, CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg and was quoted in Forbes, Christian Science Magazine, as well as interviewed by Kiplinger and many other respected printed as well as online publications. For many years Mr. Melnik has been hosting his weekly educational radio show and recently became Amazon's #1 best-selling author in multiple categories.

Mr. Melnik nationally conducts his Life Amplified™ and Set for Life! Self-Help Events™ to members of unions and other organizations, employees of various institutions, students at universities, and to the public in general, teaching all how to live personal and professional lives people dream of while easily avoiding some of the life's otherwise practically inevitable financial, family and health tragedies. Mr. Melnik often conducts these educational seminars together with the Federal, State and City Governments, their representatives and entities, such as with the offices of the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Medicare/Medicaid, members of State Assembly, Congress, City Council, as well as with a District Attorney's office.

Mr. Melnik is very much involved in the lives of communities and organizations throughout the United States in many other ways. He is a member of the board of directors of many non-profit and professional organizations. Mr. Melnik is also a president of a national bar association and served as a board member of a Political Action Committee in New York.

For over two decades Mr. Melnik has educated and assisted tens of thousands individuals and their families. For his education, assistance, leadership and other contributions to various organizations, their members as well as a population in general, Mr. Melnik was numerously recognized by various academic, community, and political organizations and their leaders, including federal and state senators, assemblymen, presidents of various municipalities. His achievements and contributions have also been recognized by a United Nations Committee, the Mayor of the New York City and many others.

On a more personal note, Mr. Melnik enjoys various sports, travel, and sailing. He plays classical guitar and sometimes performs with his blues band. He and his wife live in New York City with their three wonderful children.

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