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Counterintuitive Intelligence Approaches™ (CIA) System
Learn the Counterintuitive Approach to success that has been impacting peoples' lives for over 20 years!
Counterintuitive Intelligence AMPLIFIERS (CIA)
Unlock Your True Potential to Achieve The Life of Your Dreams.
Learn the COUNTERINTUITIVE APPROACH to success that has been impacting peoples' lives for over 20 years!
"When equipped with the right tools, you will have the power to move faster, reach higher, and it will be much easier."  

- Steve Melink,  Founder of the CIA Life Amplified System
" When equipped with the right tools, you will have the power to move faster, reach higher, and it will be much easier. "
- Steve Melink, Founder of the CIA System™
Counterintuitive Intelligence Amplifier™ System
Learn more about Steven Melink's CIA Amplifier™ Programs
Your Story Amplified™ Interview Program 
Entertaining and educational at the same time, Steven Melnik’s interview programs build interest and assist in creation of emotional connection with the audience.
  •  Create a powerful and emotional centerpiece: You will be able to easily and quickly refer everyone you meet to this program, so they get to know the real person behind your business card, title, bio, usual soundbite videos, or other ordinary and typical promotional materials utilized by everyone else. Your unique story and your undertakings will stand out!
  • Showcase the amazing you: This is what really drives and will drive the successes of your current and future endeavors! Depending on your goals, Happiness Amplified™ with Steven Melnik’s Interview Program inevitably assists in attracting investors, donors, partners, multiplying prospects, acquiring clients, as well as creating lifelong customers, followers, fans and last, but not least, friends.
Individuals & Families
Chase your dreams. Attain your Goals. Supercharge your success & live the life of your dreams!
  •  Practical System: Happiness Amplified™ is a Practical, ready to use system that guides you towards a successful outcome in any life situation. 
  •  Counterintuitive Approach: Learn the Counterintuitive Approaches to success that have been impacting peoples' lives for over 20 years!
  • Amplify Performance: Transform yourself on a personal and professional level. Amplify your performance to positively impact every aspect of your life.
  • Move Past Barriers: Knock Down and Move Past the barriers that are constantly holding you back. 
In addition Mr. Melnik conducts Happiness Amplified™ Retirement Planning seminars. See video below for more information on how you and your organization can benefit from these seminars.
Companies, Institutions & Governments
Take your professional ventures to the next level. Our proven, sustainable process can deliver up to a 5% revenue increase, while cutting as much as 10% of your top three annual expenses.
  •  Workforce Amplified™: Reduce employee turnover, optimize skill allocation, attract new talent and shorten time-to-market.
  •  Audience Amplified™: Extend your reach to your target market and build a more relevant customer pool.
  •  Exposure Amplified™: Experience a wider range of exposure to a variety of relevant audiences based on your specified needs.
  •  Messaging Amplified™: We help get your message heard by your desired audience.
  •  Deals Amplified™: We help you structure, negotiate and harmonize deals.
  •  Representation Amplified™: We represent your interests and extend your reach to promising business and social communities around the world.
Give your organization the boost it's been yearning for!  Mr. Steven Melnik has to tools to help you succeed! Contact us today!
Startups & Entrepreneurs
Take your professional ventures to the next level. We use live events, workshops and professional coaching to foster growth, help you and your organization attain your goals & supercharge your success. 
  • Growth Amplified™: Give your startup the foundation it needs to succeed by using the  Counterintuitive Intelligence Approaches™ that have been helping businesses succeed at accelerated levels for over 20 years.  
  • Audience Amplified™: Extend your reach to your target market through live events and workshops. Attract the audience you need to fuel your success. 
  •  Messaging Amplified™: Utilize our vast network worldwide of social media and on-location communities to extend your reach and get your message out to your desired audiences. 
  •  Advice Amplified™: We represent your interests and provide professional coaching and advice to help you reach your personal and professional goals easier and faster.
Give your start-up the solid foundation it needs to support the success you desire!  Mr. Steven Melnik has to tools to help you succeed! Contact us today!
Academia & Educational Institutions
Amplify the performance of your students and help them attain personal and professional success. 
Give your students the life skills they simply can't get anywhere else!  Mr. Steven Melnik has to tools to fuel their ambitions and help them succeed in building the life of their dreams! Contact us today!
  • Student Marketability Amplified™: Give your students the foundation and life tools they need by enabling them to utilize the Counterintuitive Intelligence Approaches™ that have been helping people super-charge their success, attain their goals and achieve the life of their dreams  for over 20 years.  
  •  Performance Amplified™: Teach students to transform themselves on a personal and professional level in order to amplify their performance to positively impact any aspect of their lives.
  •  Messaging Amplified™: Utilize our vast network of worldwide social media and on-location communities to extend your reach and get your message out to students in a way that is engaging and appealing to them. 
See what other had to say about CIA Happiness Amplified™ Program

"It was amazing..."

"It was amazing. You guys, missed a lot!"

- Daria Bushuera

"I felt good coming here..."

"I felt good coming here, but now I feel very, very good."

- Jeffrey Watson

"I am so ecstatic..."

"We got a lot of information - beautiful information, and I am so ecstatic about the possibility of sharing it."

- Ronald & Estelle Washington

"It's really interesting..."

"It's really interesting how he says things - very direct, in a way that nobody is going to tell you."

- Mona Lian Lai
About Steven Melnik
Professional Business Coach, Speaker & Founder of CIA Happiness Amplified™ System
"I came to the United States as a refugee with my mother. We had two suitcases, $100 in our pockets and basically no English. The future did not look bright..."
  • An individual of many successes: Finance, Law, Tax, Academia, Marketing, Public Speaking, Building National and International Entities, Radio and Television Hosting. 
  •  # 1 Best Selling Author in Multiple Categories (Amazon)
  •  Steven lives life to the fullest. He has found balance with work and relations. He is happily married and a father of 3 amazing children.
  •  Educator: Steven has been sharing with people his unique CIA Happiness Amplified™ approach to success for over 20 years.  He has a genuine passion to help others succeed and is excited to share his many adventures, experiences and techniques he and his Steven Melnik Happiness Amplified™ Program guests learned on their journey to a better life. 


Mr. Melnik helps organizations and institutions bring their message to the desired audiences. As one of the world’s most sought after speakers, educators, influence marketers, and #1 best selling authors (in multiple categories) who made numerous appearances on practically every major news network, such as NBC, CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg and was interviewed by FORBES, New York Times, Kiplinger Finance, Christian Science Magazine, as well as numerous other news and information outlets, for over 25 years Mr. Melnik has been representing and assisting various national and international organizations attract investors, attain valuable access, do business and get connected with various businesses and governmental counterparties. Mr. Melnik has also been helping organizations develop and execute an effective strategy that attracts and influences the desired audiences and counterparties. 

Mr. Melnik's speaking style is engaging, inspiring and entertaining. He possesses a natural ability to deliver important and complex subjects in a simple, understandable, and memorable way.

Mr. Melnik utilizes his vast background to represent his clients’ interests and authoritatively speak on a broad range of topics, such as (but not limited to):

Marketing and promotions;
Personal and professional development and success;
Life/work balance;
Stress reduction;
U.S. and International Taxation, as well as other topics.

Mr. Melnik always customizes his events to the audience which makes his events highly appealing and relevant. Through live online and offline events, national television and radio programs, seminars, webinars, and podcasts, Mr. Melnik speak to audiences of all ages, different levels of education and socio-economic status, such as (but not limited to):
Entrepreneurs; small business owners; investors; executives of multinational companies; doctors; lawyers; nurses; accountants; financial planners; union members; retirees, high school, undergraduate and graduate students; numerous ethnic communities across the country and the world; and many other sub-segments of the world’s population.

Due to his vast experience and expertise, Mr. Melnik regularly serves as an advisor and ambassador to major organizations and government agencies, helping them reach their goals.

Mr. Melnik's speaking engagements span the globe and cover Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Middle East, all across the United States (with a special event in Rio Casino and Conference Center, Las Vegas), as well as in many other locations.
In addition to various requested topics, Mr. Melnik globally conducts his Happiness Amplified™ and Set for Life! Self-Help™ events teaching audiences how to live the life they REALLY want, both personally and professionally.

Mr. Melnik is also a radio and television show host, a licensed attorney, a CPA and possesses a post-doctorate degree from New York University School of Law.

Mr. Melnik began his professional career on Wall Street, in one of the world's largest consulting and accounting firms specializing in Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory compliance consulting work, where he had a uniquely successful career. Mr. Melnik also spent some time in the Market Surveillance Division of the New York Stock Exchange and as an advisor to the anti-money laundering subgroup of the United States Department of Treasury. Subsequently, he built a very accomplished national professional services organization. However, he found his true calling in education and philanthropy. Mr. Melnik decided to dedicate his life to empowering people and businesses through education and service, and also entered into the academic and nonprofit worlds.

Mr. Melnik is a tenured and distinguished professor, Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Tax programs, and for many years served as a Chairman and Moderator of the Continuing Education Programs for professionals - all under the City University of New York. He is currently a member of the AICPA personal financial planning executive committee that regulates and gives guidance to financial planners, C.P.A.'s and tax professionals across the United States. Mr. Melnik also serves as a president of a national bar association.

For his education, assistance, leadership and other contributions to various organizations, their members as well as a population in general, Mr. Melnik was numerously recognized by various academic, community, and political organizations and their leaders, including federal and state senators, assemblymen, as well as presidents of various municipalities. His achievements and contributions have also been recognized by a United Nations Committee, the Mayor of the New York City and many others.

Are you interested in Mr. Melnik helping your organization or institution attain its goals by reaching and influencing your desired counterparts and audience, be it investors, other business entities, government agencies, your employees, customers, prospects, students, or any other parties?

Contact Mr. Melnik at:
Phone: 800-477-0675
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