Here are specific examples of how I applied the Counterintuitive Intelligence Approach Life Amplifiers in my life that brought about the exceptional results that transformed my life and the lives of those around me.
Welcome to America
Shortly after my arrival to the United States, I came to the realization that the vast majority of people never achieve their true goals, and that it took forever for those few who did. I could not afford either option and refused to take either path.

I needed to learn English and get on my feet financially. And I needed to do both fast. I could not afford, and therefore refused to follow, the usual commonsense path people took in my situation – taking courses, reading books, tutors, classes, etc. I followed what I later ended up calling the Merging Goals Amplifier, which is part of my CIA Life Amplifiers system. It's really simple: First step is to list all of your goals... 

My goals were:
1) to make money
2) to learn English
3) to learn American Culture
4) to learn as much as possible about my dream workplace at that time, Wall Street
5) to learn about Wall Street, not just from anyone, but from the most reliable source - from those who really knew, people who had really personally succeeded there
6) to find successful Wall Street individuals in an environment where they would be willing to share their priceless knowledge and experience.
Step Two of the Merging Goals CIA Life Amplifier was merging all the listed goals to find a path where I could satisfy all of my goals at the same time, not the way it's usually done by accomplishing one goal at a time. Analyzing my listed goals in pursuit of one common solution, the answer became clear - I immediately went to a bartending class and became a bartender in a bar which was frequented by Wall Street executives!
Slowly but surely, I was acquiring the language skills, along with the desired social skills and the mindset I was seeking. Merging all the goals in one (becoming a bartender) saved me a ton of time, effort, and money.
Closeness CIA Life Amplifier™
When in college, most students are unable to secure the internship they want in the company they desire.
So, what's the usual intuitive choice students (and people in general) make?
They go for WHAT they want (in this case, a job position – accounting, finance, etc.), not necessarily WHERE they want it (specific place, firm, etc.). When my friends and I looked at the list of available accounting internships, only second and third-tier companies still had some positions open to apply, which was exactly what my friends and others did. They went for WHAT they wanted...
Well, this is not what I did. I applied my Closeness CIA Life Amplifier here.
It’s really simple:
It is generally better to be where you want to be, even doing what you don’t want to do, in the beginning, than to be where you don’t want to be, even doing something you want to do.
I picked the dream place for myself, which at that time was one of the largest and most famous Wall Street firms, and I applied to the position there that nobody wanted. The job entailed sitting in the basement and pressing the delete button on a computer all day long. The company was about to donate their old computers, and the data had to be manually deleted.
Here is what happened next. A person from the accounting department came to the basement to collect the records and noticed how diligently and efficiently I was pressing the delete button. Apparently, I went through more computers a day than was normally done by others. As a result, very shortly after my start in the basement, I was called upstairs to the accounting department to help with data entry there.
Shortly afterwards, my stellar diligence was noticed again, and I was offered a full-time job in the controller’s group – a position I would never have gotten if I had tried to apply for it in that company to begin with. (I ended up declining this full-time job offer in order to finish college faster on a full-time basis).
Remember the Closeness CIA Life Amplifier™: being close to where you want to be will generally create an opportunity to do and have what you really want.
The Closeness CIA Life Amplifier™ is enormously powerful and useful in many aspects of our lives. Too bad most are not aware of it. (By the way, it works magic in relationships also, among many other places. Have you noticed that even when people who are initially not attracted to each other spend a lot of time together, the attractions begin to naturally grow? Be careful who those you love spend a lot of time with! This is a subject of a separate conversation on relationships).
Looking for a job
What do people intuitively do when they look for jobs?
They send resumes. They sit and pray for someone to notice their resume out of hundreds or thousands of others, to be called for an interview, to impress those who interview them, to stand out from the pack, etc. They go through a long and frustrating hiring process. This was not for me, especially having missed the formal campus recruiting due to my bartending commitments. Instead, I simply went to Manhattan (where I wanted to be) and visited each company I wanted to work for. These were the world’s six largest audit and consulting firms at the time (I applied the Closeness Life Amplifier™)....
I went straight to Human Resources and gave my pitch: “I am sorry, I studied and worked so hard that I missed the recruiting event. But if you hire me, I’ll be the best employee you have ever had” – not the everyday occurrence for them for sure.

Five of the six companies that I visited called me for a formal interview and then gave me the offer. Having experience from one of Wall Street’s largest firms’ Controller’s Group already on my resume certainly helped as well.

My main guiding principle here was The Right Story to the Top Person CIA Life Amplifier - the principle of communicating the story directly to the ultimate decision-maker. It’s really simple once you discover its intricacies, but it's amazingly effective in so many different situations in life!
Getting a law degree
I ended up working in the world’s largest audit and consulting firm, but shortly came to the realization that I wanted a law degree.
Applying the Same Wants CIA Life Amplifier™, it seemed obvious that the best situation would be for my firm to pay for my law school and give me a lighter schedule to enable me attend classes and do law-school-related work while still getting some sleep at night.

However, my firm was not offering legal services and would not reimburse a penny of law-school-related expenses, nor would it accommodate by scaling down on my work hours to free up some time for law school during the evenings... 
Law firms would never pay for anyone’s law degree since they simply hire law school graduates, and I would have to take a major pay cut even if they did.

So, what would people intuitively do in this situation? Go at night, quit a job, and take out loans? Wait another ten years until "things get easier, better, affordable"? Give up on a law school dream all together?

Not me. 

This was where I applied my Same Needs Life Amplifier™. In a nutshell, I simply needed to make my firm need the same thing as I did (my firm to accommodate my schedule and pay for my law school). From this followed that I needed to be able to offer some sort of legal services which my firm or its clients need. At first this seemed like a mission impossible.

However, one of the firm's clients had its legal needs serviced by a law firm. I inquired and found one particular category of their service to be relatively easy to provide even without a law degree (basic checklist of controls in place as required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). And by checking with other clients, I quickly got my hands on all of the industry's best SEC compliance practices).

I went to my employer, presented the findings and suggested that our firm should begin to offer this kind of service to our clients.

The partners loved the idea. In fact, it was so fresh and promising that when I asked my employer to send me to law school so we could offer even more of the related services and make even more money, they couldn’t resist the opportunity of me coming back as a lawyer and taking the newly created, very profitable service to the next level. 

They introduced a special provision in the firm’s policies just for me. The firm paid for my law school in full, let me leave earlier for classes, allowed me not to work at all and to go full-time summers and Fridays and still paid my salary as if I was working regular hours full time. I have never heard of any firm ever doing this for any employer anywhere in the world. Same Wants CIA Life Amplifier™ is another vital super tool to have in your tool box for sure.
Getting accepted into law school
Okay, I could now go to law school, but getting accepted by the school was another mission impossible; I was working long hours and had no time to prepare for the LSAT – law school entrance exam.
Plus, frankly, I was not very good at these types of tests anyway. As expected, I did very poorly.
What do most people do in such circumstances? Wait another year for the next attempt? Give it much more time and energy to prepare for the test? Once again, give up on their dreams?
I did something else. I again applied one of the simplest, yet most powerful The Right Story to the Top Person CIA Life Amplifier™. Here is how it happened:

One evening I went straight to where I wanted to be (applying the Closeness CIA Life Amplifier™) - a law school closest to my Wall Street office. I knocked on every door...
One was opened.
I asked if we could speak for a moment. An older man let me in.
We had a long conversation. I communicated my story. I explained my fascination with law. I explained why I wanted a law degree so much. I explained my situation. I said confidently that I would be the best student they would ever have.
This happened to be a professor, and he was about to go to his classroom He invited me to follow him. At the end of the lecture he asked the audience a bunch of questions. I raised my hand on the easiest commonsensical one and gave a reasonable answer.
This professor ended up writing a recommendation to the admissions office to get me in. Shortly afterwards, I received an acceptance letter. Under the circumstances, the test results seemed to become irrelevant.
A dream of becoming a partner
The dream of any typical ambitious employee in any company is to work hard for many years and become a partner, senior executive or a CEO, in the same or some other company.
Well, this is what most people dream of, then they pursue their dreams. But, while most fail to achieve their dreams to begin with, the very few that do succeed fail to do what I call pre-experiencing/verifying their dreams until the dreams come true! 

Let me explain. I dreamt it too. I wanted to become a partner in the firm. But before I embarked on my years-long adventure, I applied another guiding principle from the collection: the Experiencing the Dream CIA Life Amplifier™...

It surely seems obvious, but this is not what most people do: they rather taste their own imagination while the reality is unknown until the very end.

While the projected glamour of rising to the top is mesmerizing, I knew there had to be some behind-the-scene reality – there always is! I had to have a deep conversation about the truth with those I was about to start dreaming of becoming. 

So, I went to speak to the partners. In their offices, I saw pictures of dogs and cats, none of family or children. Those who did have families told me how overwhelming and stressful their life was: their kids were growing up alone, their wives didn’t see them much, most did not look healthy at all – the stress and hours always take their toll. They were quite miserable people who were masking their misery to others and themselves with the usual apparent glory of position, power, money, prestige and control.

It became clear to me very quickly that I didn’t want that.

I desired flexibility, free time, wealth of opportunities, health, personal happiness, a loving family, and of course being paid well. I now did not have to spend 10 to 15 years of my life before realizing where I would end up!

Remember the Experiencing the Dream CIA Life Amplifier™: before going ahead in pursuit of anything, you absolutely must pre-experience the end result on some level.
Becoming a professor
By that time, I knew that I was meant to teach others, share my knowledge, research and publish about better ways to live and do business, and help others live the life they really want. I also wanted to have a flexible schedule and time to spend with my wife and children. It became clear that I should become a professor.

How would one become a professor?

The usual route is to take over five or so years to get a PhD degree.

Sure enough, I did something else. I applied a very important CIA Life Amplifier here which I call the Direct Questions CIA Life Amplifier™. It’s really simple...
You can’t find the most efficient and the most effective way to get what you want UNTIL you ask somebody a question which is so direct, it may even sound inappropriate or ridiculous.

Canned questions bring canned answers. Direct questions bring counterintuitive, unexpected answers. Interestingly, the answers are unexpected even for the people who give them. This is because a direct question puts them into an “anything is possible” frame of mind and they suddenly become amazingly resourceful.

Here is the question I asked when I applied the Closeness CIA Life Amplifier™ and went to the place I wanted to be – a college I once graduated from: “How do I become a professor FAST? What is the quickest way in my situation?”

Sure enough, they had never heard such a question before. Yet, in the conversation that followed, it became apparent that instead of five years of doing what I didn’t want to do, I could achieve the very same result - becoming a professor - by doing something else, in the course of one year only. I simply had to get a postgraduate degree – an LLM in taxation. This way was much faster, and in my mind, more practical and useful. 

The Direct Questions CIA Life Amplifier™ will always save you time, effort and will help you get where you want to be!
Here is another story demonstrating this very principle.

A child wanted to go to college, but due to unrelated reasons hated the high school environment and didn’t want to spend the last year there.

What would most people do? 

It's a catch-22, isn't it? Can't go to college without graduating a high school. Can't graduate a high school without attending classes... 
What's there left to do? To survive. To suffer through. Perhaps, to be wounded for life... Homeschooling is still high school, not college, just at home.
I advised to apply the Direct Questions CIA Life Amplifier™. Here is what happened.
The family visited the local college and asked if the child could enroll in college courses. The answer was yes. Then they went back to the high school and asked if the school would count the classes taken in college towards graduation.
The high school representative said that nobody had even heard about such a possibility before, replacing a high school year completely with college. Yet, to everybody’s surprise, the answer to both questions was yes.
The child had the best school year ever, gained real college experience as a full-time college student (not simply taking one or two college courses in addition to their high school load, thus making their life even more difficult), had more time to work on his college applications to the colleges he really wanted to go to, etc.
I spoke with all parents of musically-inclined kids I knew and all of them chose either one or the other option within music. I went to the general parent event the school organized and parents were told the same thing - you need to pick which subcategory within music you wanted your child to test into and on which instrument. Made sense, of course.
The problem was, my son loved music. He didn't enjoy math and English that much. So, simply picking one test would decrease his chances of getting in substantially. Taking a math or English test would only put him through stress without a reasonable chance of a positive outcome. And even if he could get in under, let’s say math, he would be very miserable for years having to spend lots of time and effort on something he really did not like. This was not the path to follow, especially at his very young age.
What has everybody else done in the circumstances? Either registered for one music-related test only, or also registered for some other talent - math, English, etc. to test into, just in case.
I've always challenged assumptions. It was time to use a Direct Question CIA Life Amplifier.
I went to NYC Department of Education (Closeness CIA Life Amplifier), went to a supervisor (Right Question to the Right Person CIA Life Amplifier) and asked this Direct Question: can my son take two separate talent tests, both tests playing the piano – one test into strings group talent, the other into a percussion band?
I was told they had never heard such a question before. Yet, the answer was found quickly, and the answer was yes. Technically, it was possible!
My son ended up testing into two separate talents, both in music. Each test was administered by a completely different set of judges through processes completely independent from each other! This naturally increased the chances of my son getting in substantially.
Become fearless and skillful in using Direct Questions Life Amplifier™, and the world of opportunities will open to you and those you want to help!
Teaching tax law
Back to my career of a professor. I got what I pursued - I could now teach tax law. However, there was another issue. I inherited a tax department that was dying out. There were only 8 students enrolled, nobody was interested, funding wasn’t there, students were not coming.

What do businesses normally do in these situations?

Mainly spend a lot of money on advertising. Needless to say, there was no advertising budget either.

To fast-forward just few years:
The program became the fastest-growing program in the college, one of the largest in the system with students being locked out of classes due to space limits, consistently recognized for top quality by a tax executive institute through their annual scholarships to our students, etc.

How did I do it? What CIA Life Amplifier did I use?
To fast-forward just few years:

The program became the fastest-growing program in the college, one of the largest in the system with students being locked out of classes due to space limits, consistently recognized for top quality by a tax executive institute through their annual scholarships to our students, etc.

How did I do it? What CIA Life Amplifier did I use?
Becoming a tenured professor
Becoming a tenured professor requires, among other things, publishing academic and professional articles in top academic and professional publications. It's always a stressful and lengthy process that takes years, numerous rejections, resubmissions to the editors, often dropping and picking new research topics, etc.

My experience was much smoother. How did I do it? What CIA Life Amplifier did I use?
Losing everything you worked for your entire life
These are actual quotes from people who were caught by surprise:
“My parents believed in The American Dream. They worked every day of their lives since the age of 17. They raised 3 children. They believed in savings, and they saved the money. They had enough money saved to pass it all to the kids, but we've never seen any of it. The government took away everything!”

“My parents were healthy and enjoyed life, but 
when they got sick, I had to put them in a nursing home. I didn't want to do it, but I really had no choice. Everything they had, everything they saved for over 50 years went towards the nursing home.”...
These are actual quotes from people who were caught by surprise: 

“My parents believed in The American Dream. They worked every day of their lives since the age of 17. They raised 3 children. They believed in savings, and they saved the money. They had enough money saved to pass it all to the kids, but we've never seen any of it. The government took away everything!”

“My parents were healthy and enjoyed life, but when they got sick, I had to put them in a nursing home. I didn't want to do it, but I really had no choice. Everything they had, everything they saved for over 50 years went towards the nursing home.”

“My parents have done everything right their entire lives. They worked, and worked, and worked. They took pains to raise children. They saved, and saved, and saved. Can anybody explain WHY it is that ALL the money they wanted to pass on as inheritance must be absorbed before Medicaid kicks in?”

Stories like these are way too common. People suddenly come to the realization that even if they work hard all their lives, do the right things and accumulate savings and assets, they can still lose it all and end up living in poverty or as a burden to family members.

Why does this happen?

Well, statistically, over 70% of people need long-term care earlier or later. Mysteriously, and unbeknown to most people, long-term care expenses are simply not covered. They are NOT covered by your current medical insurance. They are NOT covered by your retirement benefits. They are NOT covered by your employer. They are NOT covered by Medicare. They are NOT covered by supplemental insurance to Medicare.

Okay, you’re not covered, but maybe you can afford it?

It can easily be $20,000 and MORE - per person, per month!

They put a lien on your bank accounts, your investments, your home, apartments, and everything else you worked your entire life for. This is how, and this is why many people retire and live in poverty even AFTER having great jobs, AFTER being in a great union, AFTER receiving the best union benefits, AFTER being sure they were set for life.

Exactly the same results happen every minute to those who get into car accidents, lawsuits, IRS problems, and even divorces.

Intuitively, you may think, this is life. There is nothing one may be able to do to change this reality. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are 100% legal and 100% ethical solutions that assist people in all of these and many other situations to protect their properties and savings and at the same time get all the benefits they need at any point of their lives.

There is a wide class of situations which seem to inevitably lead to disasters, where a counter-intuitive approach simply means to assume that there is a solution, to inquire what kind of a professional may have such a solution, and to find an honest, skilled, and experienced professional. And in most cases, people can simply help themselves, without having to pay any professional a dime!

I call this this an Unknown Professional Life Amplifier™.

It’s really shocking that all it takes is awareness and inquiry…
Getting what you don’t have
Tare two ways to enhance your life: 

1) To get something you want to have, but don’t have at the moment. 
2) To experience differently what you already have - without getting anything new. 

Neither way is better or worse. Both are essential:

Getting something new without changing the way you experience things doesn’t make you happy. 

At the same time, experiencing differently what you have without being able to get what you want is not satisfying either. 

One of the very important guiding principles is to master these two aspects of life separately, before combining them together: 

1) The skill of getting what you want, 
2) The ability to experience what you have differently. 
I gave you few quick samples of how myself and others, instead of following the usual convention or doing what others do, applied some of the Counterintuitive Intelligence Amplifiers and achieved what we wanted, where and how we wanted.

The main idea here is in you realizing that at any point in life, in any situation in life, in any aspect of life, there are some invisible Counterintuitive Intelligence Amplifiers - available to you that can change everything and help you overcome and achieve, if only you 1) realize that you have such options and 2) know how to properly apply them.
The Counterintuitive Intelligence Amplifiers is a systematic way to discover these options, and a clear instruction on how to apply them to your life, to transform your experience and achieve superior and lasting results doing what you are doing. 

STOP doing what others tell you to do. 

STOP doing what your intuition or common sense is telling you to do. 

Realize that you have an amazingly effective time-tested counterintuitive approach that will help you get to where you want to be.

The Counterintuitive Intelligence Approach Life Amplifiers™ have been used extensively for decades by most successful people around the world, including myself, my clients, students, friends and relatives. 

Now it's your chance to benefit from it and for you to start living the life you really want!
To the life you want!

Sincerely yours,

Steven Melnik
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