Supported by his highly experienced and skilled team around the world, Amb. Steven V. Melnik represents interests and assists presidents of countries, as well as executives of global enterprises, to achieve their goals through his vast global political and business network and access to top tier investors, businesses, and super professionals. Mr. Melnik capitalizes on his vast experience and multidisciplinary background, abilities, skills, as well as his unique approaches. He simultaneously utilizes Political, Business, Public Relations, Influence Marketing, Sales, Legal, Financial, and most importantly, his signature Counterintuitive Intelligence™ insights to analyze challenges, develop effective strategies and achieve desired outcomes.
Steven Melnik is a Political and Business Army in One.
Typical Partners/Clients:
Steven Melnik is a person who gets (often viewed as "mission impossible") things done for his partners and
clients - and he has over twenty five years of a solid track record to back it up.
  • Businesses/Organizations that would like to expand into new regions or countries and need assistance from or relationships with local governments and other parties (permits, licenses, contracts, access, etc).
  • Various organizations, VVIP, and governments that need a person (or a team) that can represent their interests, negotiate deals, identify unthought of opportunities/methods, handle crisis management, and turn goals into realities.
  • Parties that wish to remain anonymous in their dealings and are interested in having a trustworthy, reliable and capable individual handle matters on their behalf, while keeping themselves and their teams out of the picture.
  • ​Parties that are looking for a person with a different way of thinking, resulting generally unseen approaches, uniquely vast professional background, abilities, skills and related second to none global credentials, to assist in getting impossible things done.
  • ​Parties that are interested in other services and benefits Dr. Melnik and his team offer (see below for a more detailed list).
Specific Value To Counterparties:
  • Creating new opportunities for businesses, investors and organizations globally.
  • Helping countries and their governments bring a variety of internal opportunities to businesses and investors.
  • ​A trusted and reliable partner: entity ambassador, representative, a spokesperson with second to none worldwide credentials, access, abilities, skills, experience, and a track record of high level, high impact engagements with entities like the United Nations, heads of states and others global political and business leaders. Representing the interests of organizations at high-level engagements with investors, partners, regulators, elected officials, media, professional organizations, foundations, major academic institutions, and other significant counterparties.
  • ​New opportunities developer (seeking, identifying, and creating high impact and scale global opportunities; attracting and bringing investors, partners, sub-ambassadors/business developers, celebrities, new partner organizations, and other parties who will be contributing to the development and growth of the projects, governments and organizations).
  • Influence marketer during mass outreach live, on-line and media events, as well as at various high outreach and profile events and engagements. 
  • Liaison to the external, as well as an internal team of financial, legal, tax, regulatory, and other experts that serve and protect the interests of governments and organizations (due to Mr. Melnik's deep background in business, financial, legal, tax, regulatory and other matters). 
  • ​Member of governments' and organizations' "Think Tank" - general and specific multi-disciplinary and multi-prong matters (negotiations, marketing, sales, regulatory, recruiting, structuring of engagements, etc.), strategy development for the global and local engagements, designing strategies that will enable governments and organizations to achieve higher successes faster while avoiding costly and time consuming political, social and business pitfalls.
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Steven V. Melnik is Amazon's #1 best-selling author in multiple categories. In addition, he is an international keynote speaker who regularly speaks at numerous political and business Global Leaders Forums, a distinguished professor and programs director at the largest business school in the United States holding a doctorate and a post doctorate degrees (New York University School of Law); attorney, CPA, a U.S. financial industry professionals' standards setter and a former advisor to the United States Treasury Department's subgroup on financial crimes. Mr. Melnik is a president of a national bar association; served as a chairman of continuing education programs for attorneys, tax and financial professionals where he conducted educational events together with the offices of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Medicaid, Social Security Administration, District Attorney's Office & others. Mr. Melnik's professional career begun on Wall Street, in the world's largest consulting and accounting firm, where he had a uniquely successful career.
Mr. Melnik serves as an advisor to and a representative of various governments and governmental entities. As an international diplomat, he negotiates, drafts and serves as a signatory to international financial and political cooperation agreements between countries. He has been appointed as a Global Honorary Ambassador-at-Large for one of the newly created European countries.
Founder of Counterintuitive Intelligence Approaches System™ and related worldwide events that have been live streamed to over 20 countries, Mr. Melnik conducts leadership seminars to heads of states and executives of Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Melnik is also a founder of the Happiness Amplified program, where he engages with current and former heads of states, royalties, executives of major enterprises, global influencers and other thought leaders.
Mr. Melnik made numerous appearances in practically every major U.S. news network, including NBC, CBS, CNBC, and Bloomberg; and was interviewed by major publications including the New York Times and Forbes. Mr. Melnik published articles in leading professional and academic publications.
In addition to other engagements, Mr. Melnik is an equity partner in: a premier Member-Only Global Investment Club (members include U.S. presidential candidates, family offices, sovereign funds, hedge funds, VCs, angel investors, CEOs of major companies, start-ups, local/global influencers, and many others); a global financial and natural resources conglomerate (fintech, banking, hedge fund, money remittance, and gold mining); as well as in a global gambling and lottery entreprise.
Mr. Melnik's assistance and contributions to communities around the world, numerous national and international nonprofits, as well as his overall accomplishments have been recognized by various professional, academic, community, political organizations and their leaders, including federal and state senators, assemblymen, presidents of various municipalities, United Nations Committee, a Mayor of New York City and many others.


Mr. Melnik came to the United States as a refugee from Ukraine when he was a teenager. In Ukraine he was on his way to become a professional classical guitar player. In the United States, his first job was cleaning bathrooms with his mother while learning how to speak English.
Mr. Melnik most enjoys his family dinners and subsequent musical evenings, where his wife, three wonderful children, mother and inlaws sing and play different musical instruments together.
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